The great thing about the Dayton Battle Bands is that everyone wins something! All participants have the opportunity to perform at The Brightside in front

of music industry professionals and future fans.


The winners of each week (six total) win a spot on our Ballroom stage at The Brightside during the Dayton Battle of the Bands Finale. They also get a video of 1 song performed live at the finale by Sound Valley Dayton, which bands can use in their press kits. The bands will also have the opportunity to perform at the Dayton Dragons stadium!

The overall winner of the Dayton Battle of the Bands wins an EP recording session from our sponsor Dayton Sound Studios, and a spot on Levitt Pavilion Dayton's stage during their summer 2023 season, which is very exciting! The winners will also receive a cash prize, a merchandising discount from TeamWork Ohio.

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